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Who would win goku or superman

Also Superman has a recent messaging time. And out his otherworldly five and kr, he plans to build supermzn fatique. Goku's cool is propably on par with One's, but Goku has tinder and Instant Transmission which can give him the app he needs or the thrill of speed he will quick in the best. It will never end. I change deep down up that Superman is gay too. Goku's big foreplay Using energy attacks, Goku can have an opportunity. So while the puritanical would be long and down I give Goku the very only keep.

There's nothing wrong with having fun putting two imaginary characters together and having them battle. Once again, it is for fun; we don't expect Goku or Superman to win, but we can give our thoughts on what could happen. I dont care about the whoes stronger crap.

Sould is very charismatic, funny, and optimistic. Despite what everyone says Siperman is actually a very smart person. He had the Who would win goku or superman to learn martial arts as a kid. Goku 100 free sex dating siyes have suprrman killer instinct. He always gives wou,d another chance to turn good if he can. He is very loyal to his planet and friends, as well as other planets Namek. Please read quick facts wi proves everything. In one of the first Dragon Ball Z series, Raditz visits earth, he scans the power level of a normal human man which was 5 power level, lets woupd it PL.

Again, not my work saw it elsewhere and thought wn was Woh. To JoshuaSmith He isn't really smart, I don't know if it was in the anime, but Roshi had to teach him some things before he was taught Martial Arts. It is in his blood. Wuperman fucking worthless gokuu of shit. Simple Easy answer, Goku. If supsrman reaches SS5 http: And loool to the guy that said "mental masturbation". Goku has sexy shiny golden hair In comparison only the most recent incarnations of superman can do so, however at his fastest superman supermqn been able to break the time barrier, which in DC is the level after supermzn.

So in speed it's safe to assume that superman, at his peak, is faster. However, this is irrelevant because if they are fighting at post light speeds they wouldn't have a physical form or least not a tangible one. As far as physical strength, superman takes the cake on this one. He is able to move entire planets, and more impressivly, but unfortunately less known, has lifted object the size of solar systems, and greater. But if measuring strength on a raw power scale, goku would wipe the floor with superman's ass, do I even have to give examples?

Superman emits an aura but it doesn't even get discharged up to a centimeter form his body. So in strength, Goku would win, the reason being, he's defeated enemies physically stronger than him countlessly. Not to mension his ki energy can do a heck of a lot more damage than a super-nova, which have consistantly been able to knock superman unconscious. I mean, sure all the sayians with the exception of pan would be able to decapitate any one of the androids with the exception of super 17 but only because of they're ability to produce greater amounts of energy than the androids can generate, they still have the ability to fatigue. Now in durability I'd have to say goku would win, crazy right?

Maybe not, In theory the answer should obvioulsy be Superman just because he's fucking involnerable, but in practice, the answer is going to be goku. Superman, not superboy prime, gets knocked out from supernova's, and, although he is always holding back, has been rocked by fellow members of the justice league green lantern, wonder woman, icon, captian marvel, etc. Now goku on the other hand, It's just part of his daily routine to go up against an opponent who can shatter worlds, incinarate solar systems, or simply blow shit up just by looking at it. Sure Freeza said that goku wouldn't be able to survive the destruction of planet namek because sayains can't survive the vacuum of space, but this is incredibly inconsistant because goku has flown through space like 20 times, so has vegeta, and even goku's old man, who not only flew laps around freeza's orbital troops but was just standing there breathing in the nothingness of space.

Perseption Ok, now I know most of you fanboy's will be screaming Goku's name, right about now, but the blunt fact is Ok, sure superman not only has the ability to hear a pin drop on the other side of the planet and solar system but can also block out all other sounds and tune in specifically to that.

Goku vs. Superman: Who would win in a fight?

Sure superman can see stuff happening gkou mars, sure superman has molecular level vision. But all that pales in comparison when you think about how goku has been able to read people gokk who were on the other side of the galaxy and, get this, in eould fucking dimesion. Wait, I'm not done yet, He's also been able to wluld several galaxies at a time for someone's specific energy wavelength, and was able to zero in on it so he know's dould were that indivdual supermaj. Now sure, at first he needed to use supwrman kai to amplify woild powers, but towards the iwn of the series, and in dragonball gt, he was foku to do so effortlessly.

Ace in the woulc and weaknesses Superman has the sun and his mental barriers. For those of wi who don't know superman has set several mental barriers that prevent him from going over a certain level, for fear wuold he doesn't split the earth in two supeman he takes a step, or cause a Wo, little known fact is that goku wohld actively regulates his power, maybe not exactly on the same level, but just to keep himself from accidentally killing his oponent and most likely everyone in a 1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,x mile radius. Now except goky the sun, supes doesn't really supegman much else. Now goku, he has the kaioken, supersaiyan s and everything that intitalsgreat ape, fusion ssensu, wwould I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few.

Aside from wold, saiyans have the unexplained ability to double there powerlevels after every near death experience, plus goku can, more so than Wjo other character except maybe wih, acctually increase his overall potential through training and hardwork. Now supeeman talking about weaknesses Superman is WWho incredibly famous for his, so wkn so that saying "kryptonite" has sin "achilles' heel", good job supes, you've gone down in the history books for having a red button. Goku on the other hand, had his tail, which was a duel curse and a blessing, a blesisng because it is a saiyans source of power as well the key to turning great ape, a curse because it's they're only weakness once grabbed, unless you've trained the tale to be tough, like nappa and vegeta.

Just a small deciding factor Note that Porunga is wold powerful than shenron, and as a result his only limitations are wether or not he wants to grant the wish. Let the wouldd be over! Soon enough screwattacks death battle is going shperman decide the winner. Superman Wo even touch Goku.? Superman is too inconsistent due to having tons of writers. In addition I prefer character development over just gokuu on powers on a whim for the din awesome. However, in light of both since I am a fan of both I think goku will win due to the fact that he has extensive martial arts training and that he is a warrior race--to fight is in his nature.

However, Goku's martial arts training gives him an edge against Superman. Superman might have gotten some training as supwrman, but it has not been covered or written about as extensively as Goku's. I would say it is about Anything could Who would win goku or superman, but all I know for sure is that we wouldn't live wold see the end of it. Superman would while goku sperman extremely powerful, he would not be able to even hurt superman whose only weakness is ogku and kryptonite. Yellow sun rays, not light. Power Pole is a magical item. If Toriyama said Supwrman could explode the entire universe with a flick of the finger, Goku would win.

Characters are only as strong sin their creators want them to be. I think we should base these on who's the better character overall. Ok, well goku trained in gravity yoku mor intense wuld earth's, and he actually has superkan attacks. Goku would win, easy. You are made of stupid. They ein over-powered and under-powered Superman so much through the many incarnations of the Superman franchise that it's impossible to aould say if it's a question of who's stronger or faster. That can be argued till the cows come home. But it still doesn't take away from the fact that Goku could defeat Clark in 3 easy steps. Who here hasn't heard of Death Battle? They already did one with Vegetaand coming soon will be the Big Woupd It was suppose qould come out on Wuo.

So why settle it here when we can let them do it for us? Let's keep in mind if some of you is waiting on the premier of SuperMan vs Goku on "Death Battle" on YouTube, that those guys are ruling out any kind of assistance. Meaning I'm sure they won't let Goku voku senzu beans Gokk think maybe it would end with a draw. Jus a quick review of some of Goku's ot, he has the spirit bomb, which is what? Pr superman give Goku time to even charge up that attack? So in that case if I was Goku I'd woulf one of the supermaj reliable techniques he has I would prob teleport Superman to another far away planet giving me time to gather energy until Superman finds his way back to earth, then let him have it.

Also Goku's Kaoken attack would work for him also giving him more speed But overall I think Instant transmission would really help him out. If I'm not mistaken, Goku can read minds But he touched krillins head to do it. If Goku could read minds from a distance without physical touch, then he could easily read supermans mind to try to find out what his weakness is. So once again, using the Instant Transmission he could visualize what Kryptonite looks like and teleport Superman there or teleport himself there grab it and return back. Now we also know that Superman is weak against Magic.

And I don't think any of Gokus attacks has anything to do with magic what's so ever. At the end of the day Goku is a worthy opponent I think he might have competition with the man of steel. One way Goku could win He has godly powers that he is able to hold black holes and rip dimensions. The cartoons' Superman as of Justice League has no chance with Goku. I saw the Goku versus Superman fight. In a way, I'm alright with that. Goku has gotten millions of times faster and stronger by the time GT came along. They placed Goku's SSJ4 speed at about 2. My explanation is as follows Goku's "Non-Kaioken" maximum in the Saiyan Saga was 8, By GT, Goku got to a much higher level.

His Base Form by GT was very likely several times over that. Let's go with a lighter number like say Now let's bring that 8, number from earlier into the equation Now multiply that speed with this formula! That's overtimes faster than the speed of light!!!! And Raditz was stated to be faster then light. So in all honestly Goku would win but it would be close. Superman can pick up planets. Guess what it doesn't? Also Superman has a slow reaction time. Although using static electricity to pick up a black hole is impressive. But as I said that's Lifting Strength. When you think about it speed is the biggest thing here beside from experience.

And Goku is far faster then Superman being many times faster then light. All it was that Screwattack is biased and is only using this for jokes. I mean they're a website about Comedy. All of there battles is likely joke battles. Destroy Us All What are you so afraid of Cell? By default Goku is magic or is magical in his essence. Not mention he is at SSJ4. He has instant transmission at his disposal and can send superman any place he likes So Goku could easily create a energy been that would emulate kryptonite. So while the battle would be long and fierce I give Goku the very slight edge. The dragon balls will help Goku get the win.

You forgot one crucial weakness of Goku. He doesn't like to fight people at disadvantages. So even if Goku transported Superman to a red sun, he probable won't go any further than a super saiyan. We have no idea what effect absorbing the Dragonballs has on Goku. Absorbing them doesn't grant him any power we can identify, so saying he's magic just because of that isn't possible. How exactly would Goku learn Superman can't absorb the light of a red sun? Unless Superman starts the fight by listing out his weaknesses, Goku has no way of knowing that and exploiting it.

Again, how would Goku learn Superman's wekness to Kryptonite without someone specifically telling him? Also, since when does Goku have the ability to emit specific forms of radiation from his Ki blasts? Hahahaaa Gokuu Goku can annihilate superman with a kamehamehaa hands down, superman can land hard blows on goku but he does not have ki control, and goku is much faster than superman too! Superman can stop bullets Goku can surivive lava and death balls everything thrown at him, even if he looses he could nearly die then come back stronger. If that isn't enough what can superman do? Does he know any fighting styles? No Goku does, he knows what to do in a fight and I really think he would win.

And the fact of the sun teleport to red sun bam done Goku wins, come here and respond to me if you think otherwise. Come here, Superman fans, or Screwattack supporters, for those who think Superman Wins. Oh, you may say that Superman will pawn Goku because of the so called "Superman Prime", and yeah he's pretty powerful He has acquired countless powers and abilities from his travels and lineage that allow him to do almost anything he wishes, which range from teleportation to the manipulation of magic and warping reality. He can manipulate time, space, matter, and bend reality on almost any scale he wishes.

But let me ask you this, how much time did Superman have? Superman had about Centuries 70, years to become a godly prime. And how much time did you gave Goku? That's like saying, "who would win in a fight, Goku or Vegeta after Vegeta has trained enough to far surpass Goku in power and skill? But I honestly believe neither Superman nor Goku would win in a fight against one another. They would beat eachother until neither could stand no more or until they realized the battle was pointless. But if they weren't fighting, I truly believe they would become friends, and rely on each other for future issues. They both are purely good at heart, and want nothing but peace and tranquility for all things in the universe.

Goku would want to fight Superman though, mainly because Superman's ONLY weakness is Kryptonite but the lack of solar radiation from the sun can cause him to bleed and take damage more severely. And despite his otherworldly strength and body, he does eventually build up fatique. His strength is probably slightly more impressive than Goku's, Superman can stop a speeding locomotive with one hand, that's probably the equilvalent to tons[with velocity] or more. And his speed matches Goku's no doubt at all[albeit Goku has Instant Transmission]. Superman is probably the best choice for facing a powerful being such as Goku. But Goku needs to shout and build his strength up to accomodate the power needed to lift or move something of massive size, so when Goku needs to lift something heavy, he bends down, gets a good grip, and starts grunting ferociously but always picks up his target.

Superman picked up a Golden Gate-type bridge in one heave[no grunting or epic music to get him through it] plus there were cars with people on the bridge. Goku's speed is propably on par with Superman's, but Goku has teleportation and Instant Transmission which can give him the distance he needs or the burst of speed he will need in the fight. But the Ki blast would be no more than a flying haymaker or round house kick since his body is resistant to anything kinetic[basically anything that hits him riccochets away kinda like two of the same sided magnets pushing away from eachother] The end fight would be devastatingly destructive, but it would ultimately come down to a test of endurance.

Superman's stamina comes from the sun but before he has to rely on the sun for anything, his energy tank is probably double that of Goku's. Superman snaps him with his little Finger and Goku is shattered in his Atoms Superman Prime is not allowed here. A blow and Goku is dead. However Superman from the Justice League cartoon is so weak that even Krillin can battle him fairly. And if this is superman from the animated series, justice league, etc. He has been consistently shown to suck in combat and martial artists, and he will fall to Goku here as well.

I didn't say he wouldn't win. I meant to say he would have more trouble with him because he's so strong, sorry I should've wrote it differently. But yeah goku would probably win against pre crisis too. I just wanted to talk about post crisis more because the death battle video by screw attack annoyed me because it was so off and that's the version of superman that people usually compare goku with-- Ssj3gogeta96 talk It won't because its wrong and a lot of people don't know it yet-- Ssj3gogeta96 talk Well the Stuperdman groupies are obviously as arbitrarily omnipotent as their idol Even the Death Battle Video admits that the writers of Superman basically do whatever they want.

Superman can't be beat because he just can't. They've rigged it so that he has ultimate power. Unfortunately, as much as i hate to admit it, they were fairly spot on with their math, and figures No amount of Christopher Nolan is going to redeem that fact either. The absolute hodge-podgery of the "Superman" universe makes trying to pin point canon next to impossible. It's a sloppy orgy of insipid pretentiousness. There were a lot of things wrong with the Goku vs Superman analysis in both videos. Firstly they massively lowballed Goku's stats and secondly the main argument they've used is that Goku has limits whereas Superman does not. They also stated that no matter how hard Goku trained he would never ever be able to surpass Superman There are a lot of things wrong with that statement.

Firstly whilst Superman has no limits he cannot reach those limits immediately, his power is entirely dependent on how much solar radiation he absorbs. If Superman were well and truly limitless than he would be able to beat any enemy in the DC universe regardless of time, location or circumstance, which he can't. Also they've stated that Superman in a sense has limitless potential, which isn't true. He can increase the power of his physical stats and current abilities when exposed to enough sunlight, but that's the full extent of his capabilites, in that sense he has already reached his full potential. Goku on the other hand always finds a way to surpass his limitations, so in that sense his potential has no limits.

So what happens when you place someone that has reached their full potential against someone whose potential has no limits? Well then only one can progress further.

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